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Product Name: Edible Dust/ Edible Gold Powder
Ingredients: mica powder, titanium dioxide, ferrooxide
Colour: Black, White, Silver, Blue, Green, Brown, Orange, Pink, Gold,Red
Size: 5um-700um
Features: 1.Harmless to the human body, environmental protection
2.Good dispersion properties for aqueous and oily systems
3.Temperature resistance: 800℃.Acid and alkali proof
4.Luster: Multiple reflection pearl luster
Particle size: 10-100um
Application: 1.Paint: Almost all coating systems, vehicles, craftwork, appliances, furniture, construction, leather, textiles, wrought iron.
2. Ink: Printing inks such as letterpress, gravure, screen, and coating, wallpaper, decorative paper, PVC, and other printing products
3. Plastics: injection molding, silicone and other plastic products
4. Cosmetics: eye shadow, lip gloss, highlights, etc.


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