Edible Coloring Food Spray


With a light spray, one can of Chefmaster Gold/Silver/Pearl Spray will cover approximately 10 dozen cupcakes, twelve 8″ round cakes, or five 9″ x 13″ cakes.
Actual yield will vary depending on the color intensity desired.
Currently available in Gold, Silver & Pearl.
Easy to use can will allow you to highlight with the right amount of color
No measuring necessary. Simply shake the Chefmaster Spray and aim the can in the direction of the highlighted area and spray
Chefmaster Spray provides vibrant color. Gives the finished product a dazzling glitter look
Spray is not water based. Therefore, it eliminates the chance of bleeding into the decorated area
Dries in less than a minute. Decorator does not have to wait for spray to dry before moving on to other decorating.


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