About Us

Wuhan Juwaike Technology Co., Ltd located in city of Wuhan, is a dynamic enterprise specializing in the research, development, design, and production of innovative baking decoration products. Our extensive product range includes the exquisite Edible Baking Pigment Pen, the dazzling Edible Decorative Twinkle Powder, the precision-engineered Cake Spray Gun, and the elegant Decorative Sugar Beads.

Since its inception, We have forged strategic partnerships with numerous renowned enterprises both domestically and internationally. Notable collaborators include industry leaders such as Happiness Cake, Starbucks, Chefmaster Artskills, CAKE CRAFT, and SUGARFLAIR, with whom we have established enduring and mutually beneficial relationships.

At the core of our commitment to excellence is the use of high-quality foreign synthetic raw materials in the production of our edible pigments, ensuring unparalleled quality and stability in our offerings. We take pride in our dedication to providing superior products that meet the demanding standards of our esteemed partners.

We eagerly anticipates the opportunity to collaborate with you, as we collectively strive to shape a brighter and more innovative future in the realm of baking and culinary arts.

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